Over the years (we first visited the Gambia in 2002), we have established a network of craftspeople to supply us with all our stock.

We use Bakau as a base and spend a lot of time (and money) at the Bakau Craft Market. Fatoumata Jallow, who has a stall there, dyes many of our fabrics. Nene sources much of our jewellery. Olley gets us hats and elephant fabric. Awa supplies us with kola nut fabric.

Down the road is Alpha's tailoring workshop where most of our clothes are made by Alpha and his team.

Batik work is done by Bubacarr Camara who does his batik magic on the T shirts I take to him. Other batik work comes from Salam Batik - bedcovers, shirts and other items.

Others we work with include Sainey Camara (rasta hats), Baba (leather bags), Moussa Gabara (beads), Adama (beads), Jarrai Jallow (fabrics and jewellery), Ebrima Bawo (carvings and drums).

We ensure that all our suppliers get fairly paid for their work. In addition, we help where we can with requests for items such as school fees. Some friends who have visited the Gambia with us generously help with this.